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Anton MontAlban-Anderssen
Ancestors, Relatives, Charts, and trees

President John F Kennedy & Anton combined family tree

Jesus and Anton Combined Family Tree

Anton's Family Web Site

Lady Godiva of Coventry. Anton's 30th Great Grandmother

Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine, Anton's 22nd Great Grandmother

Marc Antony, Anton's 72nd Great Grandfather

Emperor Charlemagne, Anton's 33rd Great Grandfather

William The Conqueror, Anton's 22nd Great Grandfather

Thomas Blossom (Mayflower Passenger) Anton's 10th Great Grandfather

Cleopatra VII Ptolemy, Anton's 72nd Great Grandmother

Lyman Frank Baum (Author of Wizard of Oz) & Anton combined tree

Mont Alban on the Riviera. Niša (Nice)

Saint Margaret of Scotland, Anton's 26th Great Grandmother

Anton's Ancestors Book, 471 pages

Judy Garland and Anton Anderssen Combined Family Tree

Marilyn Monroe (Actress) and Anton combined family tree

Sonny James Loden & Anton combined family tree

Saint Vladimir, Grand Duke of Kiev, Anton's 28th Great Grandfather

St. Ferdinand, King Fernando III Of Spain, Anton's 20th Great Grandfather

Saint Louis, King Louis IX of France, Anton's 23rd Great GrandUncle

Saint Clotilde Queen of France. Anton's 46th Great Grandmother

The Prophet Muhammed, Anton's 41st Great Grandfather

Trolls. The Mythical folk of Anton's Scandinavian Ancestors. Anton collected 2000 of them

Captain Thomas Graves, Jamestown Settler. Anton's 10th Great Grandfather

Robin Hood (David of Scotland 8th Earl of Huntingdon) Anton's 27th Great Grandfather

Alex Haley, Author of Roots. Anton's relative

Sonny James receives CMA Hall of Fame Induction

Saint Justinian The Great, Roman Emperor. Anton's 53rd great grandfather

Saint Olaf, King Olaf II Haraldsson of Norway, Anton's 30th Great Grandfather

Saint David, King David I of Scotland, Anton's 25th Great Grandfather


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