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Tools for Travel Agents

Click on the photo to be directed to the desired page

Free Business Cards

You receive 250 free business cards when you click on the sample business card at the left.  Look for the link that says FREE PRODUCTS

Super Cheap Long Distance

Click on the picture at the right to get super cheap long distance. Under 2 cents domestic, under 4 cents international.

Free Fax number

Click on the eFax logo to get a free fax number.  If anyone sends a fax to that number, efax converts it to an email and sends the image of the fax to you free.

Private Phone

Get a free private telephone number with voice mail

Fill out a commission form monthly

Download a commission form at  and fill out out by the first of EACH MONTH.  Every month you need to roll over any commissions that are still outstanding.

Air Consumer Rules

Free Directory Assistance

Don't pay $1 or $2 for each directory assistance call you make!  Get it free by dialing 1 800 FREE 411.


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